In 1939 Gibson unveiled another amp with model designation EH-185, production continued into 1942. . The design of the amp cabinet used a bass reflex baffle equipped with a twelve inch speaker and a top compartement to store the removable chassis.
The features of the early EH-185 amp includes one input for microphone and two inputs for instruments, two separate volume controls for microphone and instruments, bass and treble tone controls, and one output jack for an external speaker.
By 1941, the EH-185 and EH-150 amplifiers would use identical circuitries and layout of control panels.

The amplifier was good for about 20 watts output, as delivered by a pair of 6L6’s.  Three triode-connected 6L7’s were the low level amplifiers, and a 6N7 dual triode provided phase inversion and drive for the outputs.  The rectifier is a 5U4G.  Two instrument inputs and one microphone input were provided.  Tone adjustment was managed by individual bass and treble controls.  The speaker was a 12-inch electrodynamic type, protected by a black crackle-painted metal grill.  A bass reflex port located above the speaker also serves to ventilate the amplifier when it is operated in the case.

The cabinet is covered in the brown tweed „airplane“ cloth that was the signature of the early Gibson amplifiers.  The plain brown of the covering was accented a decorative band and the stenciled Gibson logo.  It measures about 20 inches high, 17 inches wide, and is 10 inches deep.


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